Curative Potential for Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s

A potential gamechanger for patients In addition to controlling blood glucose, the expert said data indicates Neurodon’s investigational diabetes drug restored beta cell health in several models of the disease, something no other drug on the market can do. Neurodon’s diabetes drug NDC-0009 has the potential to treat both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, […]

Neurodon Announces Initiation of IND-Enabling Studies for Diabetes

Neurodon aims to initiate clinical trials in the second half of 2022 “We are excited to achieve this milestone with the selection of a development candidate for our diabetes program. Our molecules have demonstrated compelling efficacy in both animal models and human pancreatic islets, and we are focused on developing first-in-class therapeutics to meaningfully impact […]

Neurodon Board Director Brunde Broady Releases New Book

About the book, Brunde Broady said, “Calcium ATPase is a critical component of good health. My goal is to provide the reader with research-based information on how to optimize their levels of this important enzyme and reduce their susceptibility to chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s.” Neurodon CEO, Dr. Russell […]

Neurodon Announces Collaboration with Harvard Medical School

The collaboration leverages the Kajimura Lab’s world-class expertise in adipose tissue biology Neurodon and Kajimura Lab’s work together has the potential to deliver therapeutics for diabetes, obesity, and insulin resistance. Russell Dahl, Ph.D., Neurodon Founder, and CEO, said, “As a patient-focused company, Neurodon was launched to deliver disease-modifying therapies for unmet diseases. Shingo has made […]

NIH grant to help advance Neurodon’s Alzheimer’s drug development

A new therapeutic strategy The Neurodon team is working with scientists at Purdue and Northwestern University on targeted neuroprotective molecules. The molecules have been shown in lab studies to improve memory and cognition in preclinical models of Alzheimer’s disease by preserving calcium ion balance in neurons and offering a new therapeutic strategy for neurodegeneration drug […]

SERCA Activator may Improve Memory and Cognition for Alzheimer’s Patients

In the Alzheimer’s disease models, the SERCA activator shows promise in reducing cellular stress and preventing cell loss in neurons. The molecule corrects cells’ calcium ion balance and represents a new therapeutic strategy for neurodegeneration drug development. “We have identified a compound that could therapeutically slow or halt Alzheimer’s disease, while also demonstrating its ability […]

New Scientific Advisory Board Member

“John’s expertise in end-to-end drug development, especially for diabetes, will be invaluable as we progress our lead candidates into IND and clinical stages,” said Dr. Russell Dahl, Neurodon’s CEO. “John has a deep knowledge of working with regulatory agencies that will help us get to FIH studies in an expeditious manner. His expertise complements our […]

Neurodon Welcomes Brunde Broady to its Board of Directors

“We are excited to welcome Brunde to our board of directors. She brings decades of leadership experience in key areas critical to the growth of our business and vital to our future operations and strategy. Brunde’s expertise is especially valuable to Neurodon as an emerging company.” said Dr. Russell Dahl, Neurodon’s CEO, and founder. Brunde […]

Neurodon Receives Funding from Elevate Ventures

We’re excited to join Elevate’s portfolio This program is funded by the state of Indiana’s 21st Century Research & Technology Fund. Eligible Indiana-based companies that have received SBIR/STTR funding are eligible to apply for the program that provides 50% matching funds. “We’re excited to join the Elevate portfolio and are grateful for their support of […]