NIH grant to help advance Neurodon’s Alzheimer’s drug development

A new therapeutic strategy

The Neurodon team is working with scientists at Purdue and Northwestern University on targeted neuroprotective molecules. The molecules have been shown in lab studies to improve memory and cognition in preclinical models of Alzheimer’s disease by preserving calcium ion balance in neurons and offering a new therapeutic strategy for neurodegeneration drug development.

The Phase II grant comes after team members successfully completed the Phase I work, where they narrowed down the molecules to select a few of the most promising candidates to help Alzheimer’s patients.

“We are on a mission to find a cure for Alzheimer’s and do not plan to stop until we succeed. This grant will help us move forward and much closer to human trials. We have brought together scientists and researchers from Purdue and Northwestern who have the expertise to move this forward and eventually provide new options for patients and their families,” said Russell Dahl, chief executive officer of Neurodon.

Our team is working toward discovering neuroprotective drugs

Wendy Koss, an experienced researcher at Purdue, and Gary Schiltz, a research professor at Northwestern, will help direct the studies. Colleen Mauger, a Purdue alumna and registered nurse who has clinical experience treating patients with various chronic diseases, including Alzheimer’s, is also on the Neurodon team. Dahl will work closely with the Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience.

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