cellular stress

At Neurodon, we treat cellular stress at the root of many diseases; we create disease-modifying therapeutics with the potential to change patients’ lives.

Importance of
cellular calcium

Calcium balance in cells, while inconspicuous, is critical for maintaining overall health and fighting disease. Disruption of normal intracellular calcium levels triggers the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress pathway that leads to cell dysfunction, encompassing impaired signaling, respiration, protein processing, and eventual cell death. This drives the progression of many diseases related to the stress pathway such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Our research works to regulate impaired transport of cellular calcium to relieve stress pathways.

At Neurodon, we target the source of cellular stress pathways to provide disease-modifying effects and revolutionize medicine.

Why now,
why us

Discovery of our small molecules.

For decades, teams have tried to develop molecules that normalize calcium transport (specifically via SERCA activation) with the goal of relieving cellular stress through inhibition of the ER stress and UPR pathways. Unfortunately, for many years, this has remained an elusive target for researchers in the pharma and biotech industry. Since many approaches existed to solve the problem of calcium imbalance, identifying the best approach was challenging. Neurodon’s reasons for targeting the SERCA enzyme are threefold. First, SERCA is the major protein responsible for maintaining calcium balance in the cell. Second, SERCA has been shown to be impaired or downregulated in many major diseases. Finally, SERCA activation or upregulation has been shown to be a safe way to restore intracellular calcium with no significant adverse effects.

Through many years of research, our team has been developing our proprietary small molecules that allosterically modulate the SERCA enzyme conformation to accelerate calcium transport into the ER.

The result: Relieving ER stress, promoting cellular health.

We are excited to announce the success of our small molecule therapeutics using research that has been in development for decades.

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